Supporting Bodily Autonomy for Everyone
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Supporting Bodily Autonomy for Everyone

In light of the recent Supreme Court decision re: Roe v. Wade reversing the landmark 1973 decision that legalized abortion nationally and granted women a greater measure of equality in our society, I've started a monthly donation to a local abortion access fund. I will be looking for other organizations to donate to that are working in practical ways in other states, in addition to looking for a national legal abortion defense organization to support.

To get into a numbers war over how many abortions are happening at what week, in what term, etc is to play the game they want us to play.

The bottom line is that the "Anti-Abortion" movement is a movement to keep those at risk of pregnancy in a position of forced subservience in a white male dominated society. Respecting and protecting everyone's bodily autonomy is a requirement for a free society.

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